Friday, January 6, 2012

Safety 3rd!

I am not gullible enough to believe I had seen all possible insults to the American people from Obutiknowimright, but, seriously? The decision was made to cut defense spending, it seems the dollars just aren't in the budget to maintain the safety and security of our nation, while those who live to see Americans die are beefing up and raising funds by the billions. 500,000 troops will no longer protect our freedoms, at home or abroad. Arguments can be made for either side of the issue, but the insult to you and I is that somehow enough money has been scrounged up to increase entitlement spending, especially "healthcare". Let's face it, tough decisions have to be made to put the budget back on track, cuts are necessary. So let's look at this chart.

Notice how the red and green keep going up...alot, and the others gradually fall. Protection and Defense spending drop almost as much as Healthcare and Pensions rise. I've got an idea how to cut Pensions; pay attention Congress; but that's another blog. Something to look forward to... when the bad guys come and do us harm, the government will take care of illegal immigrant medical bills and retired congressmen will still get paid. Relieved? Illegal aliens 1st, retired still-not-working-for-me politicians 2nd, your safety 3rd.

Then we have the Chevy Volt, manufactured by GM (Government Motors), and in effect already owned by every taxpayer. Did you get yours? Obutchangeisgood bailed the company out with our money, hopped in one of these cars touting it as the green saviour of the U.S. auto industry, and unleashed another Obamination. The thing catches fire, even weeks after an accident. Now we have to bring them all back, spend our money to fix them, and then convince ourselves to buy one. Can't afford it? Well we have a solution for that too. We subsidise your purchase with an $8,000 tax credit! Now all you need is the other $35,000. No problem.
Need-to-spend-a-trillion-dollars 1st, hurry up and look good 2nd, your safety 3rd.

On a more serious note, a navy SEAL in California is on life support today after holding a pistol he thought was unloaded to his head and pulling the trigger. The best training in the world will not save us from our own carelessness. Safety 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!