Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Eric

I understand you are somewhat upset that a few people may want you to resign your position as Attorney General of The United States because of your race. Let me see if I might clear this up a bit for you...

As Attorney General, you are charged to enforce the laws of this country. I hope you understood this when you swore the oath of office. Currently, selling mass quantities of firearms which knowingly will end up in the hands of drug cartels is not legal. You are tasked to prosecute those responsible for these acts. Instead, you chose to direct your subordinates to "encourage" such transactions contrary to the objections of the dealers selling the firearms in an effort to influence public opinion regarding gun control laws specifically aimed at limiting rights guaranteed us by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Remember that piece of paper, mentioned in that oath, the "preserve, protect, and defend" part?

The American people trust you to enforce our laws, not change them at will. Your duty as such would now involve prosecuting any and all of your staff who knowingly took part in these illegal activities, and actively pursue any leads which may lead to the recovery of those firearms which may now be ILLEGALLY in the possession of criminals. To diminish any rights granted citizens the freedom to bear arms and LEGALLY defend themselves from the criminals YOU armed would be a travesty.

Now, let's review... you, top cop, enforce laws, defend constitution, protect citizens from criminals not arm them. Hmmmm, I believe if I presented the facts to someone who had lived in total seclusion for the last 50 years who had absolutely no knowledge of you, they would also call for your resignation. The color of your skin does not determine the makeup of your character, your actions have revealed yours.

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