Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"X" Marks the Spot

I've never been known for my lack of opinions, but I normally show great restraint in taking any sort of rebellious action to get my point across. I'm praying right now for the courage once again to stay my hand. I do believe it may be time to arm myself with a Sharpie and a can of spray paint, and look for the "X" in front of "mas". It needs to go.

I have never heard the story of the nativity of "X", this is, as far as I know, a letter. Writing came about with the later Mesopotamians when they converted earlier Sumerian pictograms into cuneiform. I don't think that calls for much celebration, let alone a religious holiday.

OK, so the origin is Greek. "χ" and "ρ" were used in ancient abbreviations for "Χριστος" (Greek for "Christ"). I do not spell my name "Μιχάλης", or abbreviate it "M", it is Michael. I don't speak Greek, if you do I apologize.

I know, Sharpies and spray paint may seem extreme, but I believe my Saviour should have His name written fully in the native language of the country in which any printed material is displayed out of honor for the Sacrifice He so selfishly made for us all. His name is Jesus Christ. We are celebrating His birth.

Call the holiday "Jesus-mas", "Jesus Christ-mas", or "Christmas" and WRITE it that way. I only ask these two simple favors; please keep me away from all the "X"s, Sharpies, and spray paint for the next few days, and please keep Christ in your heart as we celebrate the birth of our Living Saviour!

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  1. I agree Micheal. Love you buddy. I care by the way ;)