Thursday, September 17, 2009


When are we going to stand up to this insidious organization and put a halt to their outrageously frivolous lawsuits? The latest... a cross erected in 1934 to honor WW1 veterans erected on Federal land is currently covered with a box! The ACLU filed suit in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (the most liberal in our country) that it violated separation of church and state. That court ruled it would be covered. The case is now being heard in the Supreme Court of the United States. HUH?

When did it become illegal to honor our fallen heroes? Who has protested that a cross on a hill offends them? The Supreme Court is now in a position to decide if we, as a nation, are going to be permitted to express our religious freedoms at all. This will open the door to all types of religious repression. Churches will be removing crosses from public view, as well as the Star of David from temples, and Crescents from mosques. Our freedom of Religion is being eroded!

Arlington National Cemetery is dotted with the memorials of fallen heroes who gave their lives in service to our country. Each is marked with a symbol of their individual faith,; Christians, Jews, Muslims, and more (; buried side by side. These symbols of America's promise to allow each of us to celebrate our religion freely is in danger of removal. We cannot stand by and watch the desecration of the final resting place of these fallen heroes.

I am a Christian. No one will take my cross, I will bear it with my Savior! You must decide who will defend your religious freedom, I know my Lord will help you if you want Him to!

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  1. Amen! THIS is why we need to deliberate very carefully before we vote for the of the most important things a president does is appoint justices to the supreme court...and decisions on issues like this can change the moral landscape of our nation forever!