Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Nancy

I've heard too many people place the blame for our current financial crisis on the Bush administration. In 2002, the Bush admin. warned congress that the unregulated activities of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in the home mortgage business would be disastrous to our economy. The Democratic controlled congress at the time disregarded the warning, even encouraging the growth of these entities. (Rep. Barney Frank's comments). Then Senator Obama took no stance on the issue.

The American people need to learn the process our government takes to hopefully ensure our way of life. In a nutshell: the President proposes legislation, Congress passes legislation, the Supreme Court upholds legislation. See the progression? The President does not have the power to make law; the Supreme Court can only "do what it is told". Who's in charge? Congress. They pass the laws we live by, they legislate rules and regulations that control our society, they must approve the policies the President proposes.

The House of Representatives is tasked to consider and pass legislation that we the people have entrusted them to do in our best interest. Legislation proposed to Congress goes through a long process of committees, etc. to finally arrive at the desk of the Speaker of the House, who decides what legislation will go before the entire House for a vote. So, who controls the rules and regulations that affect our everyday life? The Speaker of the House of Representatives. Conceivably the most powerful person in our government. January 4, 2007, Nancy Pelosi was chosen to assume that role. She had been chosen Democratic Leader of the House in 2002, guiding the Democrats further into liberal and socialist ideals. Recall that 2006 was a relatively calm, peaceful, and productive year for us. Low unemployment, low prices, booming economy. Then came Nancy. Gasoline prices skyrocketed, Republicans tried to pass regulations to stop it; Nancy sent Congress on vacation. The aforementioned mortgage crisis began to collapse our financial system, Nancy was in denial along with her colleagues. The list goes on.

How can you blame George Bush? Nancy Pelosi is in control of our lives, and if we want it to change, she has to go! For that matter, anyone in Congress who has chosen to associate themselves with socialist activists might consider the outcome of the Cold War and repent!

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