Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We need to wake up!

The constitution of our nation is designed to provide checks and balances between all three portions of our government, ensuring no one entity gains more power than another. These checks and balances are slowly being eroded by the appointment of “czars” to oversee several strategic portions of government instead of cabinet secretaries. A “czar” answers only to the president, a secretary to congress, allowing the president more power over policy by avoiding these checks and balances. The president and the executive branch are charged with proposing legislation; congress is tasked with turning it into law, justice to enforce those laws. Now that congress has gained a like mind in the White House, and the growing liberalization of the courts, it is a very narrow chasm to cross between these institutions. This is a necessary step to the consolidation of power we saw in the 1930’s. Were it not for, as Dr. David Kaiser referred to as “Many people of conscience”  in congress, most of the progressively socialist policies proposed by and to congress would have already become law.

We have become so enamored by the rhetoric of a charismatic young man as our leader, we have forgotten that those we have given our faith to legislate that which we desire to be in the best interest for all has become a platform for change that leads to the death of democracy. The similarities are all too similar. We cannot ignore history lest it repeat itself. Yes, we all need to stand up; we are required to stand in defense of our way of government. This is the land I love. My family has fought in every conflict this nation has been involved, from Revolution to the current conflict. The common denominator being the defense of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Life does not include the elimination of my liberties by anyone, for any reason. My “Pursuit of Happiness” does not include the elimination  of the freedoms my  nephew, brother, father, grandfather, et al, have valiantly defended with their lives. I also see it coming, the shadow on the horizon, looming over my beloved nation. I will stand, although wobbly, beside all patriots of freedom in rebellion of said events. You can also depend on me to pray to God for strength and guidance, a right now denied to our current heroes.

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